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I’d love to hear from you. The best way to get in touch is to send me an email or connect on social media like FaceBook and Twitter. I hope you do. I like meeting new people, and I like connecting people who I think would get along together. If you want to book a session or hire me, you’ll need to arrange that through Embody Healing, LLC, which handles all my contracts and such. I am unable to answer questions, give advice or provide health, coaching, counseling, or healing services over email. Legally speaking, if you want to take advantage of those services you must book an appointment through Embody Healing, LLC. If you’d really like to get to know my work, I post stuff on Patreon I don’t post anywhere else. I also have an essential oils team that I train as herbalists, but you’re best emailing me for details on that. Lastly, I facilitate or administer a heck of a bunch of groups and an online learning center (courtesy of Embody Healing, LLC). You can find these in the complete list below:

Embody Healing, LLC Email:
Professional Facebook:
Talking Stick Diaries group:
Embody Healing, LLC group:
#NoPetroPA group (updates/actions on petrochemical plant issues in PA):
American Shamanism Movement Community group:
Learning Center:


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Wanna show up everywhere I am? I have a newsletter that can help! I also include updates on offers, books coming out, that kind of thing. I’m super lazy about newsletters. You might get one email a month if I’m particularly disciplined. You’re definitely not going to get spammed or harassed. 🙂

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