Clergy Services

Be in Prayer With Me

I find that when I am living moment to moment in line with the spiritual nature of what it is to be alive every breath is a form of communion with The Divine. I find that my heart is a house of prayer and I’m consciously aware of that beauty. It is common for people in this state to share this feeling as a group. That is why I think of performing clerical services as ‘being in prayer.’ It’s a wonderful place to live and I’m thrilled and blessed to share that space with people.

Weddings and Handfastings

Generally the couple and I work out an agreement for these. Hourly rates don’t always make sense here (though we sometimes do these that way) and sometimes travel comes into consideration.

Spirit Walking Services

I love assisting the dying in their process, supporting families during the time before a person passes and after, and doing funeral services. I realize that’s an almost bizarre thing in our culture to say, but to me keeping death close to the chest helps people live better. These times help us celebrate life, motivate us to truly live, provide a time to process unfinished business, and bring people closer together. That said, such times can go in the opposite direction and become very negative, harmful experiences when the support staff (like clergy or hospice workers) are inexperienced, uncomfortable, or unprepared. I was first exposed to death when my father passed away when I was four. After that, I did care taker work for the elderly in my family and the church I was then a part of starting at the age of six. I became very comfortable assisting in the process and being at funeral services. I volunteered in these positions as a teenager, then took up such work professionally. It is part of my passion for people to reclaim the gift of mortality and lose their fear. In a more down to earth perspective of that, this means assisting the dying and those who love them prior to, during, and after the process. This is one of my favorite parts of my work.
I currently assist in home funerals as well as funeral services. I am able to provide graveside and funeral eulogies, assistance in preparing for home funerals, and end of life spiritual counseling as well as family support. I am also able to provide guidance on funeral options and provide educational resources on legal concerns for different funeral options, though I am unable to provide legal advice. I am also not permitted to prepare a body for a home funeral, but I am able to provide coaching on how to do this if a family wants to prepare their own loved one after their passing. Generally we create a custom agreement for these services based on the family’s needs.
Ministerial Work: I have been a member of clergy since 1996. If there is a topic you’d like me to come and provide a discourse on at your place of worship, I’d be happy to do that. Simply get in touch with me about the details and we can work out an agreement on what that might look like for your place of worship, home study group, or other event.

Ceremonial and Ritual Services

Do you need some service that is not listed on this page? Please get in touch to see what we can do about that. I’ve done coming of age ceremonies for all three sexes (male, female, intersex), birth rites, naming ceremonies, baptisms, ‘funerals for the self,’ alchemical ceremonies, full and new moon rituals, equinox and solstice rituals, and a host of other things. My way of serving my concept of God is in part through serving The All’s creation. Let me know what you need and if I’m unable to assist you I might know someone in your area who can help.
Hospital Liaison Work: People with different belief systems often need someone to help explain those beliefs to hospital care teams. Sometimes they simply need clergy services or support while in the hospital but the hospital does not provide a person who understands their belief structure. In mainstream faiths, it’s not uncommon for a place of worship to have a hospital team to take care of these needs. However, in earth-based, mystic, shamanic or other non-mainstream paths finding a person to do this work can be difficult. My background in medicine, health care, and as a hospital liaison member, provides me the ability to speak the language of the professionals involved in this type of care. I have served in mental health units of hospitals, tended end of life care and services, and been a go-between to ensure a person’s beliefs were respected during medical care and hospital stays. Generally my hourly fee applies and I will need to consult with you to ensure I understand the needs of the situation.

Legal and Medical Support Work

I am not an attorney and thus do not provide legal counseling or legal advice. I am also not a licensed MD and do not provide medical advice. However, there are times a person needs a clergy member to talk to about their situation and even attend to meetings, court dates, write letters, and other things. This is especially true for people following an earth-based spirituality who may not have a licensed, ordained clergy person when it is needed. I started offering support of this kind for these folks. I have written letters for vaccine exemption and other restrictions to schools, attended divorce and custody courts to explain belief systems, served as a hospital liaison person to help medical staff work with a person’s beliefs, served as representation in legal matters when a clergy person was needed, and other things. Generally, for shorter commitments my hourly fee applies. If the commitment is a longer one and thus would be financially infeasible at the hourly rate, we generally calculate what the hourly amount would have been and then negotiate with those needing services to agree to something we can all feel good about. I will require a sit down consultation with you to see if I am able to help you and perform the services you’re in need of. In the instance of letters and school meetings, I will need to clarify your belief system with you before I can defend it. The legal needs for different situations vary across state lines and in each situation, so you’re encouraged to consult with an attorney before booking services to ensure that this is what you need.